There are few natural calamities as bad as a hurricane. From uprooting entire houses to destroying various other types of property- a hurricane is one of the most destructive forces in nature. 

Unfortunately, Fort Myers is no stranger to hurricanes such as the category four Ian. Recovering from such a powerful storm is very difficult, especially since it involves billions of dollars’ worth of damages. However, filing reimbursement claims is not always easy. This holds particularly true when insurance companies are reluctant to honor so many claims simultaneously. This is why it is always a good idea to engage the services of an insurance adjuster before filing a claim. Here are a few reasons for hiring these professionals: 

  • ‘Your’ Insurance Adjusters Work for ‘You’

Insurance companies come under severe pressure after natural disasters. They are primarily profit-making entities; therefore, they will always try to stay well above the red line. If this means rejecting claims, they might well do that, or at least downplay your claim. However, your insurance adjuster will thoroughly check your property and come with their own version of your claims, which may include items you might have missed. Ultimately, they will uphold your interests, instead of those of your insurance service provider. 

  • They Will Be Objective in Their Assessments

You will inevitably be distraught after observing up close and personal, the havoc wrecked by a hurricane. Once you become emotional, you are liable to make mistakes when you start the arduous process of filing your claim. You might also settle for a much smaller amount just so that you can be over and done with the whole process and restart your life. However, your insurance adjusters won’t suffer from any such emotional drawbacks. 

  • They Will Help You Maximize the Settlement

Your public adjusters’ core goal is to maximize your settlement amount. They will assess the damage and come up with the right amount as compensation for the losses you have suffered. They will also minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Education and Experience 

These people are ‘true-blue’ professionals who have spent a lifetime working in the insurance industry. They have both the education and the know-how to cut through the industry jargon, and get to the heart of the matter. They won’t be fazed by complex legal replies since they are well-aware of the local laws and industry standards. They will more than make up for any lack of information on your part, and guide you to the best of their abilities.  

  • No Claim – No Gain

Many public adjusters are well aware of your plight and won’t take any advances upfront. They will get paid after the claim is approved. This means they will work hard to maximize the settlement amount since they get a percentage of the total amount paid by the insurance company. 

We at IRPA have over two decades of experience in the industry, and we know just what needs to be done to expedite the entire claim process. You can always count on IRPA for all your Fort Myers Insurance Adjuster needs, especially after being hard hit by a natural disaster.