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What sets IRP apart from other public insurance adjusters? With over 23 years of experience adjusting residential and commercial property insurance claims, Bill uses his extensive knowledge of policy language and network of experts to set him apart from the competition. For the last 14 years, Bill worked in the major case unit for a Fortune 500 insurance company negotiating large scale commercial property losses, business interruption, theft, and weather disaster claims. Bill also has years of experience in negotiating residential property damage.

Bill is a graduate of Kent State University with a degree in criminal justice. He lives in Stow, Ohio with his wife Terri, and dog, Niko. His interests include traveling, riding his motorcycle, playing football, basketball, and soccer. Bill’s main hobby is working on his modified 2009 Dodge Charger that he enjoys taking to car shows.

If you are considering hiring a public adjuster to maximize your insurance claim, talk to Bill first. Bill’s knowledge of insurance claims is unparalleled in the Akron, Cleveland area and across Ohio, Michigan, and Florida.

Let IRPA and our team of experts put you back to “pre-loss” conditions! We advocate for the policyholder, not the insurance company.

  • Why would you depend on an insurance company employee to determine how much you will receive on your claim? An insurance company’s primary role is to protect its interest, finances and stock value. Whether it’s a roof insurance claim, smoke claim, or anything else, insurance companies will not fight for you.
  • Let IRPA public insurance adjusters reduce your stress and handle your claim. Our goal is to protect your interest and ensure that you are restored to your original “PRE-LOSS CONDITION.” What does this mean? Simply that we work to safeguard your interests so that your final settlement reimburses you for damages to physical structures, personal and business property, and losses from business interruption.

Contacting our office to request a claims evaluation could result in increased additional insurance proceeds for your claim.

We understand your insurance policy and how difficult the claims process can be. The average person finds it difficult to interpret insurance language such as Covered Cause of Loss; Exclusions; Additional Coverage; Replacement Costs; Actual Cash Value; Holdback Depreciation; Deductible Application; Subrogation; Salvage; Extra Expense; Business Income; Extended Business Income; Ordinance and Code Upgrades. However, we assure you that the Insurance Carrier adjuster understands these terms and knows how they apply! Let IRPA negotiate your claim with your Insurance Carrier. We will maximize what is owed to you on your claim. IRPA works exclusively for YOU, the policy holder, to protect your interests so you receive the full amount you are owed.

We will:

  • Meet with you to discuss and address your immediate needs.
  • Review your insurance policy and coverage and explain your rights to recover under the policy.
  • Submit your claim and, if needed, use experts to verify and document your claim submission to the insurance company.
  • Immediately perform an on-site inspection of the loss.
  • Evaluate and prepare estimates on the structure(s) and personal and business property using qualified general contractors, environmentalists, engineers, certified public accountants, contents and inventory specialists, and attorneys.
  • Perform any needed testing for smoke, mold, water, thermal, and asbestos.
  • Prepare and organize all documentation related to your claim and submit documentation to your insurance carrier.
  • Negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement with your insurance carrier to restore you to original conditions.

Our goal is to see that you receive exactly what you are owed under your policy, not what your insurance carrier believes it should pay to settle your claim.

Struggling to Get What You Are Owed After a Loss?

Let us put our experience as public adjusters to work for you.