There are myriad benefits of engaging the services of a public adjuster if you want to file an insurance claim. Most insurance companies tend to use a plethora of delaying tactics to either delay or even outrightly deny the payment of your claim. Since they have their own specialists and legal experts, the deck is stacked in their favor, and you will have an uphill task trying to convince them otherwise.

Here, your public adjuster can step in and level the playing field. However, you should know just what your adjusters can do for you before you hire them. Let’s take a quick look at a few important questions that might help you in making an informed decision:

1. Is your company or firm registered with NAPIA?

NAPIA or National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters is the organization that has established the industry’s best practices and standards for public adjusters and other associated professionals. You should ask your public adjusters if they are duly registered with this organization. All NAPIA members agree to adhere to its strict code of conduct prior to their admission to the organization. NAPIA membership adds a layer of authenticity to the companies that work in this field.

2. What types of claims do you handle for your clients?

There are many different types of insurance claims. You should check and see if your adjusters’ experience matches the type of claim you want them to help you process. It would be a great boost to your claim processing efforts if they have successfully handled claims of a similar nature.

3. Does the company hold a valid state license?

You can contact the state insurance department to determine if the firm is currently licensed.

4. How long has the company or firm been in business?

Relevant experience is another criterion that you need to check. While it shouldn’t be the whole and sole deciding factor, it is nonetheless an important part of your decision making process. Moreover, you should also consider the experience level of individual adjusters who are working for the firm. Many public adjusters have years or even decades of on-the-job experience before they branch out on their own, or join a new outfit.

5. Do they have any industry references they can provide? 

Most legitimate firms won’t hesitate to provide industry references and even recommendation letters from many of their old clients. You may follow up on a few such references for your peace of mind.

6. How many claims does the firm regularly handle daily?

Every claim needs a lot of individual attention. As a result, clients contesting a claim will need to know if their public adjuster has the time and energy required to give the case their full attention.

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