If you have insured your property against natural calamities or any other disasters, it’s your right to be compensated for any damages incurred. If the losses are covered in your insurance contract, logically, you have nothing to worry about. After all, that’s the whole point of paying premiums on your insurance policy! 

Unfortunately, the compensation process might not be as smooth as you think, and you may have to face many hurdles before you receive your dues—just when you need funds the most. 

Apart from that, sometimes the amount the insurance service provider will pay you might not be enough to cover the losses you have sustained. It may be due to an error in filing the compensation claim, or the overworked insurance company inspectors and adjusters may have overlooked a few items. This holds particularly true for hurricanes, earthquakes, and other major disasters affecting entire regions. Under the circumstances, it is quite difficult for every inspector to thoroughly check every claim to the fullest and ensure the company pays accordingly. 

However, you don’t have to worry about complicated claim filing procedures or being paid less than your dues. Your public adjusters will be at hand to take care of the whole process.  

Public Adjusters: Your Best Bet for Maximizing Your Claim!

Unlike insurance adjusters, your public adjusters work for you and will back you every step of the way. Since they always have your interest at heart, they will try their best to maximize your claim. These people are highly skilled, trained, and experienced specialists and know how to navigate the red tape typically associated with the insurance sector. You can rest assured they will be perfectly at ease interpreting and understanding the complex industry-specific language used by insurance companies.  

Your public adjusters will painstakingly go through your insurance policy to check for any additional coverage that may be applicable to your claim. Once they review the applicable coverage that can apply, they can assist in helping the insureds fill out and submit the documentation for you so you will be in a position to file a watertight claim. 

They will also methodically research and document all the damages covered by your policy and provide their assessments, backed by evidence, to the insurance company. This will go a long way toward ensuring your insurance company honors your claim. 

It’s a known fact that many insurance service providers refrain from contesting a claim once they realize the prospective claimant has engaged the services of a public adjuster. This is because they are well aware that these industry specialists are monitoring the entire process and have filed the forms, keeping every aspect of the claim in mind. They also know that your public adjusters will negotiate the claim amount on your behalf.  

If you are unsure about filing a claim and need a public adjuster in Cleveland, OH, just get in touch with IRPA. They are the proven professionals in the insurance industry and will do their best to maximize your claim.