A public insurance adjuster may be described as an independent insurance professional who helps individuals file claims for the losses they have suffered. These professionals are different from insurance company adjusters who work on behalf of the insurance companies. 

A public adjuster will work exclusively with—and for—an insurance policyholder. These people have many years of experience in the insurance industry. They understand that convincing policyholders that they should accept the lowest compensation amount possible would best serve the financial interests of an insurance service provider. 

On the other hand, the public adjuster’s interest is directly involved with maximizing the claim of the policyholder. Generally speaking, public adjusters tend to be more thorough in their inspection and damage analysis compared to company adjusters. 

This has a lot to do with their training. Apart from that, their loyalties are always with the policyholders they represent, not the insurance company trying to lower your legitimate claims. 

What Do Public Adjusters Do?

They are primarily independent insurance professionals, and you can engage them to provide a more balanced view of the damages you may have incurred. 

Insurance company inspectors would represent their employers and will try to minimize or even reject your claim altogether. Conversely, your public adjusters would assess the damage keeping your interest in mind. They will evaluate everything and estimate the total cost and time required to repair or, if necessary, replace your property. 

They will help you gain a better understanding of your insurance policy and explain every detail, including the fine print. Your public adjusters will also help you file the relevant documents and track your claim. They will even ensure that you meet all the necessary deadlines. 

Moreover, these people will act as a liaison between you, your insurance service provider, and any other third parties including attorneys and/or witnesses. They will even negotiate with your insurance company to make sure you are paid your due amount. 


When Should You Hire One?

There are various circumstances where it would be a good idea to hire a public adjuster: 

  • If there’s a natural calamity in your area, the insurance service provider would be hard-pressed to satisfy all the claims in the affected region. Under the circumstances, they will likely try to cut corners and reduce the compensation amounts.
  • If the claim is very large. (This can include the complete destruction of your house due to fire, for instance, or any other reason covered by your insurance contract.)
  • If the insurance company’s inspectors reduce your claim or refuse to entertain certain clauses, such as claims for alternate living arrangements while your house is being repaired. 
  • If the claim process is very complicated. 

If any other above situations apply and you need a public adjuster in Fort Myers, Florida, you should get in touch with IRPA. Our trained and experienced personnel would help you secure your just dues by being there every step of the way!