Your public adjuster can certainly help you make multiple claims. A violent storm, for instance, can upend your entire neighborhood. Not only would you have suffered the loss of your residence, but also your livelihood. 

Under the circumstances, your loss of income is also due to the storm, and provided that your insurance contract covers it, you are entitled to damages. 

Why You Need a Public Adjuster to Take Care of Your Claims

A storm or hurricane can leave a wide swath of damage in its wake. Since insurance agencies have to cover the losses of such a natural disaster, they try to underplay the damage and sometimes outrightly reject even perfectly legitimate claims. 

Damage from wind, storm, lightning, and hail is very common and represents around 38–40% of the claims filed by commercial and residential property owners. Insurance service providers are accomplished at minimizing such property claims. 

If a homeowner has lost the shingles on their roof, for instance, their insurance service provider would send their own experts to gauge the extent of the damage. They would almost certainly pay them the cost of new shingles, less depreciation of the old ones.

From their viewpoint, they are paying for the actual value of the shingles lost in the storm. The already upset homeowner might settle for the amount offered. 

However, if you engage the services of a public adjuster, the outcome might be very different. They will settle not for the actual cost of the shingles—but for the total ‘replacement cost’! This will include the removal of the damaged and destroyed shingles, labor charges, and the market value of the new shingles. 

In other words, a compensation amount of $500 might swell up to $3500 in total—after the intervention of a highly skilled and experienced public adjuster. 

This is not the only way they can help. Suppose you have to shift to a hotel while the repairs are being conducted. If your insurance contract stipulates this kind of coverage, you are entitled to the expenses incurred while you were forced to live there. 

Your insurance service provider might be more than happy to pay for the repairs, but they might balk at offering you the amount you spend at the hotel.

Once again, your public adjusters would see to it that you get your multiple claims processed and paid by your insurance service provider. 

IRPA are expert public adjusters in Cleveland, OH. You can always rely on them to handle all your storm damage and other claims.