Many people are aware that insurance companies have their own adjusters who manage property damage claims. However, not everyone knows that you can hire a public adjuster to help you get through the entire claims process – right from initial evaluation all the way to the final settlement.  

Public adjusters can navigate through the complex policy language and nuanced process of the insurance claims and settlement procedure. However, unlike insurance company’s adjusters, a public adjuster is “your ” representative. They ensure that the policy holder is put back to “Pre Loss Conditions” which is like stating that the loss never happened. The only out of pocket cost on a properly settled claim for the policy holder should be only their deductible. 

This is why a public adjuster will always take care of your interests, first and foremost. They will thoroughly manage each and every part of the claims process on your behalf. This way, they can obtain the maximum dollar amount owed by the carrier that you are entitled to – not what the insurance company wants to pay you. The insurance company representative must deal with the public adjuster who knows the insurance industry in regards to both personal and commercial property claims. 

It is important to note that the policy holder’s hired contractor to do the repairs is usually not qualified to handle insurance claims. They do not know coverage and do not know how the policy works. This is because the insurance carrier does not have to take a contractor’s estimate and/or points of views since there is no binding contract between the carrier and the contractor. The policy is strictly a contract between the policy holder and the carrier. A licensed public adjuster is the voice of the policy holder.  A public adjuster is on your side and is highly unlikely that you will make any mistakes in the required paperwork or miss a critical part of the process stated in the policy that must be performed. Unfortunately, the policy and claims process can be an extremely stressful and complicated process. For an already distraught person reeling from the loss of their property, the odds of navigating through this entire coverage and claims process are at a disadvantage for the property owner. 

Add to that the fact that insurance companies try their level best to minimize claims or reject them altogether by improperly misinterpreting the policy language.  

Public Adjusters Are Your Indispensable Resource Against Low Claims 

After all, insurance service providers always have their own experts in their corner. It is only fair that you do the same in order to get a much better settlement. Your adjusters will do all the heavy lifting, and furthermore, they will keep you informed at every step of the claims process. They also may use their own experts to independently assess the losses and can provide their own estimates pertaining to the damages.  

IRPA -Indemnity Resolution Public Adjusters LTD has over two decades of experience in handling all kinds of property loss or damage insurance claims regarding personal and commercial properties. If you are looking for public adjusters in Dayton, OH you can always count on IRPA (Indemnity Resolution Public Adjusters LTD.) to take care of your entire claims process, from start to finish.