You are entitled to compensation if you have suffered a loss due to a natural calamity, or any other reason covered in your insurance contract.

Unfortunately, insurance agencies are well known for their delaying tactics and are likely to reduce the amount you deserve. They will send their insurance investigators and adjusters to inspect your property with the sole aim of minimizing your claim.

A Public Adjuster Will Help You Every Step of the Way

You may hire your own public adjusters to ensure you get the desired amount to cover your losses. If your insurance service provider refuses to pay the due amount, or rejects your claim entirely, you have multiple options available.

You may also engage the services of a lawyer. However, hiring a lawyer means you have opted for litigation. This is an absolute last-case scenario when you have no alternatives beyond filing a lawsuit against your insurance company.

Engaging the services of a public adjuster is a much better alternative. Your public adjuster will do all the same work as an attorney—without charging you an hourly rate for their services.

As a general rule, public adjusters don’t charge anything upfront. They will take their commission from the amount they have helped you recover from your insurance service providers. They are also far more likely to get better results than your attorneys. Many insurance companies simply don’t contest claims vetted by public adjusters.

The companies are aware that they can’t really pull a fast one since your adjusters are equally well-versed in reading the fine print of the contract. They will be perfectly at home with the complex legal jargon employed by most insurance companies.

Apart from that, they will also help you file an airtight claim by methodically going through the terms and conditions of the contract. They will thoroughly research and document the nature and scope of the damages while including any extra expenses you may have suffered due to the loss of your business (if applicable).

Ultimately, they will prepare your entire claim document and see to it that your insurance company accepts it in its entirety. They will negotiate claim amounts on your behalf as well.

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