Losing your house because of a natural disaster is bad enough, but being hit with the double whammy of having your insurance claim denied can make a bad situation much worse.  

Why Are Insurance Claims Denied?

Insurance claims are denied more often than people think, and some of the common reasons include the following.

  • Claims Are Usually Time-Barred

Most insurance service providers require you to report your losses and damages as soon as you can in accordance with the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

  • Inconsistent Premium Payments

An insurance contract entitles you to compensation as long as you are not in violation of the contract. Not paying your premiums would render the contract null and void, and the insurance company would be under no obligation to honor your claim. 

  • Incorrect Information

Your claim might be denied if you provide incorrect information regarding your damages in the claim form. 

  • Exclusion Clauses

Most homeowners’ insurance policies come with multiple exclusions in the insurance policy. These typically include items such as exterior paint, pool and patio awning, and similar structures. 

Irrespective of the reason, you can always approach a public adjuster to look into your case. These professionals have the experience, training, and expertise to sift through your insurance contract with the proverbial toothcomb. They will methodically check your claim to ensure there is no error from your end. 

Some agencies may reject your claim because of incomplete documentation, or they might offer a settlement lower than your expectations. Here, your public adjuster will help you gather and properly organize all the required documentation to support your claim. 

Sometimes insurers and policyholders might have different interpretations of your coverage, which can also lead to the denial of your claim. In cases of denied claims, these professionals will help you file an appeal. If required, they will also help you navigate the legal process so you get the amount you deserve—not what the insurance company wants to accept!

IRPA’s team of highly experienced and skilled public adjusters in Gateway, FL, can easily understand the technical jargon and the innumerable clauses of your insurance contract. You can always count on us to be there for you every step of the way—even after your claim has been denied. Get in touch with us right away for all your insurance-related queries!