If your insured home or any other property has suffered a catastrophic loss, you will want to begin rebuilding as soon as possible. However, this process might be delayed as you file the paperwork for your claim—and wait for its approval. 

In case of a major disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake, overworked insurance inspectors might overlook your damages and offer a settlement lower than your expectations. Filing a claim can be an uphill task if you are not well-versed in reading the fine print or are unaware of the technical jargon of the insurance industry. However, engaging the services of a public adjuster can go a long way toward helping you receive the funds you need to restart your life. Your public adjuster can help you maximize your claim in the following ways.  

  • They Will Ensure You Are Always in Charge

Insurance company investigators ascertain the facts of your claim by asking lots of questions. Apart from observing the physical evidence of your losses, they will also need your testimony to reveal the extent of your damages. If you are too distraught or nervous or fail to understand their questions, you might inadvertently jeopardize your claim. 

While cooperation is imperative, you can simplify the process by having a public adjuster present at your side. These highly trained individuals understand industry-specific jargon and the nature and scope of the questions asked. They will recognize critical issues well before time, and also prepare you to deal with the insurance investigation.  

  • They Will Handle Your Coverage Issues

You may believe your insurance policy contains foolproof coverage. However, that’s seldom the case, and coverage issues tend to crop up a lot. You may not even realize that certain items are not covered until you receive a ‘declination of coverage’ letter. Here, too, your public adjusters will inform you beforehand what you should include in your claim—and more importantly, what you shouldn’t mention at all. 

  • Business Interruption Claim

If your commercial property has been damaged, you are entitled to compensation for your loss of income as long as it’s covered in your policy. However, it’s not easy to prove the exact monthly amounts. That’s why such claims can be complicated since they are often subject to the opinion of the insurance company’s inspectors. Your public adjusters will help you create a clear paper trail to minimize ambiguity and ensure maximum recovery. 

  • Negotiating the Settlement on Your Behalf 

Negotiating a fair settlement that maximizes your claim can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Your public adjuster has the skill set required to navigate this labyrinth and shorten it as much as possible. They will extract maximum mileage from your policy so you receive everything you are due. They will include soot, smoke, and mold damage, for instance, and continue to negotiate until you receive a fair settlement offer. 

If you’re looking for public adjusters in Sanibel, FL, just get in touch with IRPA. We have over two decades of experience in helping property owners negotiate the insurance claims landscape.