Taking care of your family would be your top priority if your home is damaged or lost in a fire. The last thing you need is the added stress of navigating the murky world of the insurance claims process. 

Here, your public adjusters would be willing to shoulder this burden on your behalf. In fact, they will be at hand to assist in managing every step of your fire insurance claim to help you secure a just and fair settlement. One that would help you rebuild your home as soon as possible. 

They Can Help Maximize Your Claim

Your public adjusters are your partners, and they only work for you. They are neither associated with your insurance company nor obligated to them in any way. They understand that fire damage insurance claims can be messy and complicated, and calculating the cost of repairs can be quite strenuous.

Insurance service providers may calculate fire damage and subsequent restoration costs according to their own methods. If there is a bushfire, for instance, and a lot of properties have been damaged, they might be too busy to give you the priority you deserve. Apart from that, they may not agree to your claimed amount and dispute your damages. 

The inspectors they send to your place might overlook certain important items. You, however, won’t be able to afford the “may be, might be” game since it’s your home on the line! 

Your public adjusters understand your predicament. They will look into each and every aspect of your claim and strategize accordingly to create the best possible approach.   

These people are proven experts in the home insurance claims process. You can rest assured they will accurately document both visible and hidden damage from fire, smoke, and water. They will also check for corrosion damage caused by the moisture and seepage due to water dripping everywhere on the property after the fire has been put out. Many insurance companies’ inspectors and adjusters often miss such damage. 

They will also methodically create a detailed inventory of destroyed and damaged possessions and provide proof of loss wherever possible to further strengthen your claim. Ultimately, they will also negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get whatever you are owed as per the terms of your insurance policy. 

IRPA has over two decades of experience helping homeowners rebuild after fire and other calamities. You can always count on us for all your public adjusters in Tice, FL, fire insurance claim processing requirements.