As a property owner, you can file an insurance claim for natural disasters and other unforeseen events such as water or fire damage. In fact, you can claim damages for any eventuality as long as it’s covered in your insurance policy. 

If you have suffered the destruction of your rental property, the subsequent loss of rental revenue can likely become a significant financial burden. Busy insurance inspectors who fail to assess the full scale of the damage may compound your problems. Here, your public adjusters would play a crucial role in assisting you in maximizing your rental revenue settlements. Let’s see how.

Accurate Assessment and Valuation

Assessing the precise loss of rental income can be a very complicated task. However, your public adjusters would have the expertise and the skills required to accurately value your losses. They will consider multiple factors including the rental property’s occupancy levels, market rate, historical income, as well as the loss of potential rental income during the repair and restoration period. 

Preparing Your Claim

Public adjusters are highly experienced professionals who specialize in preparing insurance claims. They’ll help you compile and present all the relevant and necessary documentation required to have your loss of rent claim approved. They will be sure to include property damage, assessment reports, rental agreements, proof of lost rental income, and all other important paperwork.

They Will Speed Up the Whole Process

Processing times for insurance claims are notoriously long because of the complex nature of the process. This is particularly hard for property owners who already have to contend with the stress of their loss of income and property damage. However, your public adjusters will streamline the entire process. They will handle the paperwork and cut through all the red tape. This way, you will be able to focus on the actual rebuilding effort since you know your claim is being processed as efficiently as possible.

They Will Negotiate With Insurance Companies on Your Behalf

Once you give them permission to proceed, your public adjusters will handle all your communications with your insurance service provider. They have an innate understanding of how insurance policies work and the various steps of the claim process. Their experience enables them to negotiate very effectively. Many insurance companies simply drop their objections when they know that professional public adjusters are handling everything! 

Maximizing Settlements

Insurance companies don’t usually accept a claim at face value. If their adjusters have not included every detail, they won’t compensate you for the overlooked items. Here, too, public adjusters will be at hand to advocate your best interests and will do their utmost to maximize the claim amount. Their expertise can make a crucial difference in your full and final settlement. 

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