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Are you or a loved one seeking public adjusters Florida after an unexpected accident or damage? The team at IRP Adjusters can help you. IRP Adjusters is a team of public adjusters near me who have the experience and understanding to help you rebuild after an accident. We represent clients in the state of Florida to help them get what they are owed under their insurance policy. 

We understand that, after an accident, filing and disputing insurance claims is stress that you shouldn’t have to deal with. We also understand that insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. Without hiring a public adjuster Cape Coral, you are at the mercy of your insurance company. Their goal is to save as much money as possible, which doesn’t always translate to giving you exactly what you’re owed. You need a public adjuster near me whose job it is to fight for you.

public adjuster Cape Coral FL

So how can IRP’s public adjusters Cape Coral help you? We have a variety of areas we focus on. Specifically, we can help with storm damage, fire and water damage, theft and vandalism, and business income loss. We know how unexpected these issues are. Don’t add more stress to an already difficult situation. Get what you’re owed when you work with our public adjusters in Cape Coral, Florida


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Partnering with Public Adjusters Cape Coral Florida

Once you connect with our team, the very first step we take is to meet with you to discuss your situation and review your insurance policy. We can explain to you exactly what you’re owed under your policy in plain language. Then, our public adjusters near me submit your claim while we thoroughly document your loss.

Documenting a loss can require a lot of different steps. Oftentimes, we perform on-site inspections of the damage. We hire outside experts to test for things like smoke, mold damage, water damage, and asbestos. We perform these tests to ensure you get exactly what you are owed so you can fix all of the damage that occurred. By having an accurate estimate, we ensure the legitimacy of your claim. 

public adjusters cape coralOnce the documentation is complete and submitted to your insurance company, that’s when negotiations begin. We always fight on your behalf and we are committed to a fair process. Ultimately, our public adjusters South Florida want to get you exactly what you are owed under the insurance policy so you can rebuild and come back stronger. 

Working with public adjusters near me takes time. It requires the expertise of our team who understands how to break down insurance policies and navigate negotiations. All of the work we do is to eliminate unnecessary stress for you, and help you get back on your feet.

IRP Public Adjusters is proud to serve South Florida with premier representation and professionalism. Without your own experts on your side, you may find your voice is lost and you can’t fight back against your insurance company.

When you need to dispute an insurance claim after a loss, contact our public adjusters near me. We will evaluate your claim for free. Give us a call today to get started.

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