Experiencing theft or vandalism can be the worst nightmare for just about every home or commercial property owner. If you have suffered from such a mishap, it would almost certainly have felt like a bolt from the blue.

Many people feel overwhelmed and file theft or vandalism claims in a hurry. Such a rushed approach leads to the skipping of steps crucial to the successful outcome of your claim process. Sometimes, victims also forget to collect critical evidence.

Vandalism includes not just graffiti and breaking of lights and windows but also arson and damage to your landscaping, locks, and other items on your property, while theft includes stealing items on your locked or unlocked property.

How Can Public Adjusters Help?

Public adjusters are highly qualified and experienced professionals who will always work for you rather than the insurance company. Their key aim is to ensure you obtain a fair and timely settlement from your insurance service provider. These people can help expedite your claims in the following ways:

  • They Will Handle All Your Documentation

They will thoroughly document the full extent of the theft or vandalism-related damage and will painstakingly collect all the evidence required to make a rock-solid claim. They will create an inventory of the stolen or damaged items, take pictures, and even gather receipts if you have had to purchase items urgently.

  • Review Your Insurance Policy

You can rely on your public adjusters to go over your insurance policy with the proverbial toothcomb. They will methodically go through each and every clause to check all the coverage options available for theft and vandalism under your policy contract. This way, they’ll help you understand all your rights and entitlements under the terms and conditions of your policy.

  • They Can Also Present Your Claim

Public adjusters have plenty of experience in effectively presenting insurance claims. They are also experts at communicating with insurance companies. They will ensure all necessary data and information has been provided clearly and compellingly to help expedite the claims process.

  • Time and Stress Management

Dealing with any theft or vandalism-related incident would definitely be very stressful. After all, we’re all prone to mistakes when we are stressed. Here too, your public adjusters will be at hand to help alleviate your burden by managing the entire claims process.

  • Conducting Negotiations

Public adjusters are also highly skilled negotiators with the training and the expertise to engage with insurance company representatives on your behalf. They will try their best to ensure you are adequately reimbursed and the final settlement accurately reflects the full extent of the damage you have suffered because of vandalism or theft.

In fact, many insurance service providers don’t even try to contest your claim once they know you are represented by a public adjuster!

If you want to file a theft or vandalism claim, you should contact IRPA. They are the premier public adjusters of Akron, OH, and have the expertise and experience to guide you through the claim filing process.