If you have suffered a grievous property loss covered by your insurance contract, you might think that you won’t have to worry, and your insurance company will handle everything. They will send their inspectors to assess the damage, and the company will disburse the funds accordingly. 

That’s how it works—in theory. The actual practice might be completely different. Here, you should remember that an insurance company is primarily a profit-making enterprise. At the end of the day, their bottom line is all they are concerned with, and the same applies to the inspectors and adjusters they send your way. 

In case of a major disaster like a hurricane or a particularly devastating tornado, they would be hard put to compensate their clients. In such circumstances, they might lower your claim amount—or even reject it altogether! 

Public Adjusters to the Rescue! 

A public adjuster is the only property loss professional who works on behalf of insurance policyholders. Businesses and individuals may hire public insurance adjusters to help them file their claims. You can also contact these insurance experts should you feel the amount offered by the insurance service provider is less than the damages you have suffered. 

Public adjusters understand that an unforeseen mishap can leave you distraught, and the last thing you want to do is deal with insurance inspectors and dispute claims. This is something that insurance companies know and count on, so they won’t have to cough up the full amount.

Public Adjusters Understand This Industry Inside Out

Barring insurance experts, very few individuals understand the terminologies and technical jargon typically used by insurance agencies. For policyholders, it’s all too easy to miss a few critical details. Once that happens, they’ll be at the mercy of their insurance service provider. In a nutshell, the slightest mistake would mean you may not receive your just claim.  

Here, having a public adjuster in your corner would take the wind out of their sails, and they would be forced to reconsider your claim request. These highly experienced insurance specialists will try their best to maximize your claim. They won’t rely on the agency’s investigators, but conduct their own appraisal to assess the full extent of your damages on their own. In the process, they might uncover items that you may have missed—and the insurance company’s surveyors may have deliberately overlooked.  

Let’s suppose a short circuit may have caused a fire on your property. You would file a claim for fresh paint and furniture. However, your public adjuster is likely to include the removal of the old wiring that caused the short circuit to begin with. This addition would increase your initial assessment and lead to a much higher final settlement.

You should get in touch with IRPA if you are looking for public adjusters in Estero, FL, to help process your claim. We have over two decades of experience in helping people get their claims approved to their full satisfaction.