Few calamities can be as traumatic as losing your home because of a fire. Having your belongings and your home reduced to ashes is a major blow, to say the least. It is precisely because of such terrible incidents that we have our homes and other properties covered by insurance policies. 

If such a catastrophe were to occur, your first course of action would be to contact your insurance service provider so you can file a claim. Time is of the essence since you want to pick up the threads of your life as quickly as possible.

However, things may not be as smooth as you envision. That’s because navigating the complexities of any fire insurance claim can turn out to be a truly daunting task. This holds particularly true if it’s a devastating fire that has caused massive damage. 

Insurance companies have their own SOPs and protocols they are bound to follow. Apart from the emotional distress of the loss you have suffered, you will also have to make alternate living arrangements—even as you struggle to get your claim approved. 

All of this can become overwhelming as you grapple with multiple issues simultaneously. This is where your public adjuster can be an invaluable asset.

Public adjusters are independent insurance claims experts with a lot of experience in dealing with the insurance industry. These professionals will be in your camp, and they will advocate your best interests throughout the laborious claims process. 

They possess extensive knowledge of the various clauses and sub-clauses present in typical insurance policies. They also understand the extensive regulations and procedures of the claim approval process. Ultimately, their core goal is to ensure you receive full compensation for all the losses you have suffered. They can help you in the following ways:

Expert Assessment of Damages

The insurance company will always send its own investigators to check the damage to your property. They will make their own assessments and offer a settlement based on their conclusions. However, it’s possible they might have overlooked a few crucial items or may have missed any clauses of your policy, thereby lowering the overall value of your claim.

Here, you would be well within your rights to engage the services of public adjusters. These experts will methodically check everything, to sum up your losses. They will then list every damaged and covered item in your claim form.  

They will also check to see if your policy contract covers your displacement. If it does, you will be entitled to live in a hotel or any other commercial residence until your home has been repaired or rebuilt. 

Negotiate a Fair Settlement

Once you authorize them to act on your behalf, they will negotiate with your insurance service provider to maximize your claim and expedite the process. If you are looking for public adjusters in Akron, OH, you should consider asking IRPA to represent you. 

We will help guide you through every step of the claim process so you can get back on your feet as soon as possible!